Pantalla Vario Wunderlich



Not a case of “either/or” – off-road and touring screen in one thanks to the height adjustment. The facts: Height adjustable using two-part screen construction with ingenious adjustment rail system. Straightforward and quick adjustment (just loosen the knurled screws). More effective tilt setting. Adjustable to suit practically all riders and riding habits. Integrated air-flow channel: depending on the height selected, the aperture changes and turbulence is countered by a calming reverse flow. When riding at speed just push the screen down to immediately enlarge your field of vision. Minimal water “dancing” on the visor (negative pressure turbulence) when it rains. Made of a robust, optically clean and fuel resistant material. ABE approved. Made in Germany. Compact unit that supports relaxed riding, whose finish and solid workmanship mean that it comes with our warmest recommendations.

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