Pantalla R-Vario Wunderlich



Excellent sports touring screen with additional heightadjustable deflector and good aerodynamic properties.
The individual adjustability makes it possible for every rider, regardless of size, to set his or her completely personal
settings for best possible wind protection.

This is a screen which should satisfy both sports and touring riders, guaranteeing stress-free riding pleasure tuned to the individual rider. ABE approved.

The facts:

  • Touring or sports screen for good protection from wind and weather at all speeds.
  • Individually adjustable additional deflector.
  •  Can be adjusted to suit the requirements of almost all riders and riding habits. The air inflow characteristics will change depending on the angle of inclination and the height of the additional deflector, and any turbulence that arises is countered by a calming reverse flow.
  • Highly robust, optically clean and petrol-resistant plastic.

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