Lithium Ionen battery with level indicator


Lithium Ionen battery with level indicator



Currently, Lithium-Ion-Batteries are the top of evolution in the automotive battery sector. Especially with motorcycles these batteries offer a lot of advantages. Thank to the Lithium technology, which is already used with mobile telephones, it is possible to get along completely without lead and acid. Lithium-Ion-Batteries can also stand quick charging with particularly high power frequency ( 90% in 6 minutes) and they keep the power for long time. The self discharge is a maximum of only 5% per month which justifies the relatively high acquisition costs. The JMT high-tech batteries are very long-lasting and can be used six times longer than the conventional lead-acid batteries. In addition, the integrated balancer guarantees an evenly state of charging. The facts: A third of the weight of a comparable lead-acid battery. Installable in any position because acid-free. Free of heavy metals. Balancer regulates evenly state of charging. Quick and easy discharging. Very little self-discharging. Six times longer lifetime than a conventional lead-acid battery. Fast and easy exchange. No memory effect. Rechargeable via onboard outlet. New: with charging status indicator.

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